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Species - Crassostrea Virginica

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The faster the flow,

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Back in the early 1600's we re-tell stories of English and Spanish ships failing to reach their destinations due to the huge oyster reefs everywhere in the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay was literally "clogged up" with oysters.  We remember Captain John Smith's  encounter with Pocahontas at StingRay Point when he allegedly was stung by a stingray. Whether Pocahontas saved John Smith's life from a stingray barb is open to discussion, however our leases on Stingray point are proven grounds for raising succulent oysters and have been for 400 years.


Our BaydreamTM Oysters are raised in these same optimal waters of the Rappahannock River, one of the five major rivers flowing into and out of the Chesapeake Bay. Twice daily the massive tidal flows nourish our oysters. This ample food produces a clean and consistent oyster with a mouthwatering taste. We take pride in "working" our oysters at least once a month producing a nice deep cup oyster, and because of the fertile waters of the Rappahannock, our oysters are simply delicious.



We monitor the salinity of our oyster beds using the NOAA Bouy 44058 which is located about 200 meters from our lease. Our waters usually register 15 to 20 psu, which is the perfect salinty for a butter sweet taste with a slight hint of brine.


Please use the "Ask BOB" link below to check out the "perfect oyster loving environment". This is where we raise our BayDreamTM  oysters.

Salinity is Important !

Or click here to go to our ASK BOB Homepage and learn why and how the ocean environment affects the meroir of the oyster and more.

Bay Oyster Science:

The optimal salinity for growth and reproduction is 10 - 28 ppt. Larvae will not settle and metamorphose into spat when salinity is less than 6 ppt (Wilson et al. 2005). Adult C. virginica can live in salinities up to 35 ppt (Buroker 1983).

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